JayFabier commissions

Status: Open!Here you'll find all of my commission information


  • DM me on discord asking for a commission! JayFabier#3907

  • Payment will be taken before the commission is started via PayPal. I will create an invoice which will state what commission you're buying and the price for easy payment.

  • A sketch will be provided and revisions/changes/modifications can be made at this stage if the customer is not happy. You can back out of the commission at this stage and get a refund, however if you give the go ahead at this stage and I begin lining and colouring then a refund is unable to be processed.

  • Commissions can take between 1 week to a month to complete and depend on where you are in the queue

  • Don't hesitate to ask for updates on your commission, but no not urge me to complete it faster.

  • Absolutely no nsfw. Suggestive poses are fine but no OwOs shall be shown.

  • All art is fully shaded. Included in overall price

  • Extra characters are +50% of base price. Example: Full body commission piece of 2 characters =

  • Base price= £30

  • 50%= £15

  • £30+£15= £45

  • However, do not try to loophole your way into getting separate art pieces for the reduced price


Normal commissionsThese are simple designed commissions. Fully shaded with a simple background.
All commissions will come with a backgroundless PNG version.



Half body

Full body

Reference sheets
Includes front view, back view, eyes, paws, nose and tongue
Up to 2 accessories
Height, age, gender, name and breed/species
Hard shading

Body pillow
sfw body pillow designs
One side: £30
Two sides: £45

Detailed candy/fruit gore commissionsThese are detailed commissions in a candy gore style. They come fully shaded with a simple background.
This style is almost aggressive so I will not be able to make the characters look cute. Aggressive expressions will be used. The amount of candy gore elements are up to you. You can opt for no candy gore but keep the aggressive style.

Fruit gore half body£35
This commission comes in half body style only
Fruit of your choice

Detailed headshot£30

Detailed Half body£40
Amount of candy gore elements is up to you

Detailed full body£50
(no example yet)

Your Character Here (YCH)These are pieces lower in price than my other commissions because the lineart has already been done prior. This means there may be multiple pieces made from the same lineart so the artwork won't be 100% original. Slight modifications can be made for an added fee depending on the YCH.MORE YCH COMING SOON

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